Investment Strategies That School Never Taught You 


Where can I invest my accumulated savings to get maximum profit? Which asset yields the most returns? What kind of investment will give me the quickest returns? Where can I invest my cash with the least risk of loss? What is the difference between investing and trading? How can I spot a potentially bad investment? Many people have had to ask themselves these kinds of investment related questions and more at some point in time.

Perhaps you are presently confused about the right kind of investment to make too.  This book, ‘The Smart Investor’s Guidebook’ written by Bamidele Adewole, provides the simplest and clearest answers possible to the readers’ investment related questions. It offers explanations for overcoming limiting beliefs about money, making sound investments, building wealth, and retiring early, using lessons from renowned investor, Warren Buffet.

It also touches on the act of effectively using your intuition to make smart investment decisions.  ‘The Smart Investor’s Guidebook is a 6 Part, 15 Chapter guidebook with each part dedicated to helping the reader find answers to their everyday financial questions. The terminologies and strategies of investments are explained in the most elementary level such that even without prior financial education, a reader can comprehend and use it to make smart investment decisions. Simply put, this book contains investment lessons that the school never taught you.  With the sound financial guide provided by this book, a novice can become a smart investor in no time with some discipline, financially literate or not. And that ultimately is the goal.

"Not many of us are fortunate to inherit wealth and assets from our parents. Therefore, we are solely responsible for the size of wealth we amass."
- Bamidele Adewole
- Excerpt from The Smart Investor's Book

Here's what you get from reading this book

How to Limit Investment Losses

Understanding Investments

Investment Strategy

Investment Advisory

How to Retire Early

Financial Literacy

Read Amazing Testimonials

I have been doing business and investments for a couple of years now but I knew there was still a lot to learn. This book teaches me so many new concepts that I never knew existed. I have learned so much from the book and definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to learn how to grow their income and generate wealth through legal means.
Pamilerin Fowowe
I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to start investing and take charge of their finances. Let me start by saying, Mr Bamidele Adewole is an absolute Boss. He is one of the best brilliant minds in finance and investing. His ability to break things down in one of the most comprehensive guides on smart investing is simply amazing.
Popoola Afeez
I absolutely loved this book. If you're a beginner, or even have had some experience in investments - this is the book for you! It goes through everything you need to know from start to finish. Not only is the book amazing, but Bamidele adds so much extra to it and I find his insights extremely helpful. I have personally gotten more clarity regarding the basics of the stock market, real estate and other types of investments. The feeling of being able to make more money than you need is bliss!
Tony Edeh
Business man


Bamidele Adewole is an experienced Investment Adviser, Consultant and Personal Finance Coach with vast corporate experience in Investment Research and Advisory, Investment Banking, Financial Strategy, Financial Analysis, Stockbroking, Investor Relations, Real Estate Advisory/Sales, Business Valuation, and Business Development.

Bamidele has been a part of various financial advisory teams that have successfully executed transactions worth several millions of dollars. He has authored several financial reports, and advised a growing number of clients drawing from tested wealth management techniques and proven investment strategies.  Bamidele has facilitated several seminars, webinars, and trainings where he has provided rich and celebrated perspectives on issues within the financial markets. He runs a real estate investment and development company – PWAN STARS, based in Lagos, Nigeria.  He is the Founder and Lead Coach of the online investment and financial literacy platform – the Money Strategy Hub, which he created with a vision to groom a community of highly skilled investors and finance experts from across the globe.

Bamidele is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria, an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Stockbrokers (Nigeria), Chartered Institute for Taxation (Nigeria) and Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments (UK). He is also a member of the Securities and Exchange Commission in Nigeria and an authorised Dealing Clerk of the Nigerian Stock Exchange. An avid investor himself, Bamidele has investments which cuts across different currencies, sectors and asset classes. He is happily married to Oluwatosin and they are blessed with 2 amazing children.

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